New Jersey Roofing Prices

So you survived the winter with your old roof and now realize that you were lucky to get through it and it’s time for a new roof?  Well maybe it might have been better to do it before the winter.  We have spoken to several vendors who sell GAF, Certainteed and Tamko roofing and they told us the prices are going up!  Not good I know but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Generally, pricing for materials increases every year by about 3%.  I think it’s going to be about the same for 2018 with some products increasing by as much as 5%.   So if you really think about it, on a typical roof project that costs $10,000 that is only an additional $300-$500.  However, I can tell you that many roofing contractors here in New Jersey wouldn’t pass the increase on to you.  That’s because not all companies are providing quotes that reflect exact material costs but rather use “per square” pricing that has some built in room for such increases.  For them, on some jobs they make more money and other jobs they make a little less and they figure that it all washes out in the end.  Maybe it’s fair and maybe it’s not so fair….guess it really depends on if your the one who paid more or the one who paid less.   Need a fair and accurate quote for your roof?   Here is our list of best roofer’s in New Jersey so far.

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