New Jersey Roofing Prices

So you survived the winter with your old roof and now realize that you were lucky to get through it and it’s time for a new roof?  Well maybe it might have been better to do it before the winter.  We have spoken to several vendors who sell GAF, Certainteed and Tamko roofing and they told us the prices are going up!  Not good I know but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Generally, pricing for materials increases every year by about 3%.  I think it’s going to be about the same for 2018 with some products increasing by as much as 5%.   So if you really think about it, on a typical roof project that costs $10,000 that is only an additional $300-$500.  However, I can tell you that many roofing contractors here in New Jersey wouldn’t pass the increase on to you.  That’s because not all companies are providing quotes that reflect exact material costs but rather use “per square” pricing that has some built in room for such increases.  For them, on some jobs they make more money and other jobs they make a little less and they figure that it all washes out in the end.  Maybe it’s fair and maybe it’s not so fair….guess it really depends on if your the one who paid more or the one who paid less.   Need a fair and accurate quote for your roof?   Here is our list of best roofer’s in New Jersey so far.

Snow is Coming and That Means Ice Damning

Well don’t panic!

Ice damning is the process of snow melting from the upper part of your roof and re-freezing on the lower eaves as it cools.  It cools because there is no heat below the eaves.  As it re-freezes the ice flow backs up further up the roof.  Now as new melting snow comes down the roof it really has no where to go because the ice dam blocks it.  So the result is standing water on the roof.  Standing water on the roof is always bad and will many times result in a leak.  Ice/water shield is a product to help prevent this from happening.  However, many older roofs have inadequate protection or no protection at all.

The quick solution?  Call a professional to shovel your roof if possible.   Or prevent it by installing commercial grade heating wires at the eaves of your home.  See our list of best roofers around if you want someone to call.  If you have questions just comment below and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Best Roofers in New Jersey

This is by no means our final comprehensive list.  However, after doing some serious research and meeting and speaking to owners of a few roofing companies here in New Jersey we have decided we can safely recommend the following companies by county.

Morris County – Taylor Rae Construction

Taylor Rae Construction has a Morris county location right in Boonton Township, NJ.  They have been in business since 2004 and provide written warranties for all of their work.  Jeff, the owner, was a mechanical engineer before starting his company and puts a very strong emphasis on installation practices and high quality materials.  I’m not sure anyone in the roofing business has a better understanding of roof and ventilation design.  Right now they are partnered with Certainteed and are Shingle Master certified.  After making some phone calls and performing deep online searches we can safely recommend Taylor Rae Construction.

Sussex County/Passaic County – Absolute Construction

George, the owner, has been in the roofing business his entire adult life.  His work is impeccable and he has an amazing reputation locally.  Absolute is a certified GAF contractor.  George has a full time crew that is very experienced in the industry and is usually on the roof personally.  He exemplifies the term “local quality contractor”.

Bergen County

After searching online through all of the various review sites and reading hundreds of customer testimonies it’s hard to argue that this company is not one of the best roofing companies in Bergen County.  We haven’t met the owner personally yet but their GAF master elite certification and hundreds of testimonials prove their worth.  Our research indicates that they’re pricing should be fair and that the company stands behind their work.

Best Roofers In New Jersey by County

As promised, we have begun partnering with local Roofing companies in NJ to bring in their opinions and also to bring some awareness to companies who are interested in promoting best roofing practices and using materials that have a proven track record of reliability.

After interviewing companies and owners we have begun recommending some local Roofers.  Posts to follow will be broken down by county service area in NJ.  We will only recommend companies with a proven track record of excellence and only roofing installers who have always stood behind their work.

Why Replace Your Roof Before It Leaks?

No one likes to spend money on things that really don’t provide some kind of joy to your life.  Replacing your roof could be akin to projects like having trees pruned or replacing your car tires.  However, like replacing worn tires before they pop, or pruning trees before limbs fall on your house, replacing your roof before it’s leaking is probably a good idea.  On top of that, with a little bit of design, it can really make a difference to the look of your home.  Did you know that the roof of the average home accounts for 30% of what you see from the curb?  So shingle choices can really make a big difference in curb appeal.  If you are getting ready to replace your old roof, feel free to ask me for some simple tips about how small changes can make an impact when shopping for a new roof.   Soon we will have a free downloadable guide to help you when shopping for a new roof.   It will include:  A guide to roofing materials, how to select a quality contractor, simple design tips, and signs that you may need a new roof.