Why Replace Your Roof Before It Leaks?

No one likes to spend money on things that really don’t provide some kind of joy to your life.  Replacing your roof could be akin to projects like having trees pruned or replacing your car tires.  However, like replacing worn tires before they pop, or pruning trees before limbs fall on your house, replacing your roof before it’s leaking is probably a good idea.  On top of that, with a little bit of design, it can really make a difference to the look of your home.  Did you know that the roof of the average home accounts for 30% of what you see from the curb?  So shingle choices can really make a big difference in curb appeal.  If you are getting ready to replace your old roof, feel free to ask me for some simple tips about how small changes can make an impact when shopping for a new roof.   Soon we will have a free downloadable guide to help you when shopping for a new roof.   It will include:  A guide to roofing materials, how to select a quality contractor, simple design tips, and signs that you may need a new roof.

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